How to avoid paying locator invoices


In our recent property manager survey, 93% reported they do not verify real estate licenses before paying a locating invoice. Unfortunately some apartment locators use this to their advantage.


In almost every state, a locator AND their broker is required to have an active real estate license. If not, you do not have to pay the locator invoice and they have no recourse to collect.


Our organization is committed to promoting licensed and ethical locators. We can help you save money on locator fees by verifying invoices. Don't reward unethical locators by paying their commission.

benefits of working with naal locator members

  • Our members guarantee rent for 90 days, on every client, or they refund the commission.
  • Every member has an active real estate license (unless their state doesn't require one).
  • Our board will resolve any locator disputes on your behalf.
  • Our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice guarantees professional and honest business practices from our members.
  • As local experts they refer qualified prospects and offer free marketing to your community.
  • Advertising through locators is 100% performance based. You never owe a fee unless they produce results.



  • Locators save your staff a lot of time by accurately screening prospective renters for income requirements and discovering problems with rental and criminal history.
  • Helping properties reach their maximum possible occupancy by matching quality clients with quality properties. You never pay for their service unless there are results first.
  • Locators develop trusting relationships with their clients and act as an advocate for the client and your community. The probability that the client will lease at your community is much higher than a walk-in prospect doing their own research.
  • Educates prospective renters about the application process, move in costs, dynamic pricing, and the financial commitment. Locators remove objections and makes it easier for the leasing agent to close the deal.
  • Serves as an expert on each area in the city and explains price per square foot by area. Renters are nervous about what area to live and who they can trust, locators put them at ease.
  • Apartment locators want to create relationships with your leasing staff so your staff can say "we need help leasing some two bedrooms this week" and our locators can go to work for you.


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