The National Association of Apartment Locators is a professional trade association whose members are committed to operating their businesses with ethics, honesty, and integrity. Our apartment locator members are a diverse community of small, medium, and large apartment locating firms, dedicated to the highest level of service to the clients and apartment communities they serve.


NAAL is the only trade association for apartment locators. We formed in 2011 to collectively demonstrate our commitment to excellence. We wrote the first Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for apartment locators, to emphasize the importance of professional relationships with apartment communities. NAAL strives for cohesion and unity among its members and throughout the industry.


Membership to the National Association of Apartment Locators means you have a strong partner invested in your success. We share your passion for helping others, and creating opportunities for success. Our NAAL board is a combination of individual locators, small companies, and large firms, all working for you. They understand the challenges locators face because they face them every day. Our board believes in protecting the best interests of our members. We want to empower locators to achieve more success than they thought possible.


There is strength in numbers and unity. When we come together, our collective voice is stronger and greater than we could ever achieve on our own.



Any apartment locator in any state can join NAAL, as long as you have an active real estate license and agree to operate by our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. If you are located in Georgia or Alabama where a real estate license is not required, we waive the license requirement, but you are still required to uphold our Code of Ethics to maintain your membership.


Whether you are an individual agent, owner, or broker, all members join individually. As a broker member, your sponsored agents are not required to join, but your membership does not extend to your sponsored agents either. Each State has different sponsorship rules, so we offer a flexible "one size fits all" membership where each locator determines for themselves if they want to join as a member. If a locator member changes brokers, the membership moves with them and their online profile and directory is updated with their new broker information. Individual membership offer the greatest flexibility to every locator in every State.



Annual Membership - $125



Professional profile on our website displaying your experience, biography, social media connections, lead capture contact form, and client reviews from Facebook, Yelp, and Google.



Listing in our locator membership directory and distributed to every apartment community in our database. It is also available for FREE download to any apartment community who registers on our website.



Networking opportunities at association events throughout the year.



Leadership and volunteer opportunities on committee's and board of directors.



Access to over 6,000 apartment communities in our database.



Promote your membership to management companies through property relations events.


MEMBERSHIP application


STEP 1 - Read and agree to our Code of Ethics.

STEP 2 - Complete a membership application.

STEP 3 - Pay your membership dues.

STEP 4 - Create a user name and password to your NAAL profile.

STEP 5 - Our membership committee will verify your real estate license through your real estate board.

STEP 6 - You will receive a confirmation email so you can complete your member profile online.


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