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Dallas Meeting - 1400 Hi Line Apartments

The National Association of Apartment Locators is a non-biased advocacy group for the apartment locating industry. Our mission is to provide the apartment industry with confidence in working with our locator members, by operating our individual companies by a strict Code of Ethics and vetting our locator members through superior compliance services. NAAL members are committed to ethical business practices by agreeing to our nine-step membership approval process which protects apartment communities from illegal locating companies.




Our goal is simple, we want to be a resource for all apartment locators so the industry continues to grow. The recession has changed the rental landscape and more people are using locators than ever before.  Markets like Denver that never used locators before have growing locating companies filling the new construction.  Our current focus is communication and technology, but every member has a vote in the direction our association is going. Here are a few of our current initiatives:


  • Forms: The law can be overwhelming so we provide free forms and articles that you can use with leasing agents and potential clients to explain that apartment locating is a legal real estate transaction. Most people do not realize locators are licensed agents or that you represent the interest of the potential renter.
  • Compliance Services: Our free compliance program fully protects the apartment communities from illegal locating companies and absolves our members from paying for Compliance Depot.
  • Technology: NAAL created a free registration system accessible by any locator, any apartment community, and any locating software system.
  • Education: Our quarterly meeting educates our members on changes in real estate law and changes in the apartment industry so our members can stay competitive.

Professional Best Practices


Our association wants to make sure our members are demonstrating professional best practices at all times so we can communicate that value to apartment communities. Your NAAL membership shows management companies that your locating company is committed to ethical business practices and they can feel confident doing business with you. NAAL represents the needs of its members and focuses on goals to improve the industry.


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